Facility Rentals

Other Facility Rentals

All facilities require a $250.00 damage deposit – Please make cheques payable to “Teepee Creek Stampede Association”. All rentals except the skating arena when rented for children’s use are subject to GST.

Contact our Executive Director at ed@tpstampede.ca for more information and to book your date!

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Rental Rates

Package RentalIncludes Church, Hall and Enframe Building (Insures no one else can rent another of the facilities on the same day as your function) Will include 2 portable toilets $2,000.00

Enframe Rental with Parking/Camping "A" Facilities

Weekend rates include 2 portable toilets

Daily: $500.00
Daily (W/ Hall Kitchen): $600.00
Weekend: $1,000.00
Weekend (w/ Hall Kitchen): $1,100.00
Teepee Creek Hall Rental Hourly: $30 (3 hour minimum)
Daily (Without Kitchen): $200
Daily (With Kitchen): $250
Weekend (Full Facility Use): $500
Equipment Rentals/Misc Rentals
Skating Arena Hourly: $20
Daily: $100
Weekend: $200
Grounds/Infield Rental Hourly: $25
Daily: $100 + $50 Groomer Charge (After Event)$200 If Renter Requires Grounds Groomed Prior To, During & After Event
Weekend: $200$300 Groomed
Church Rental Daily: $250
Picnic Tables & Chair Rentals
NOTE: New round tables and new chairs in the Hall are NOT for rent. Damaged table replacement fee is $250.00. Please inspect the tables prior to rentals and report any noted damage to the TPCS representative.
Picnic Tables $10/Table
Chairs $1/Chair